At Insight Acupuncture it is believed that the most important
thing that you can do for not only yourself, but for others, is to
take care of your health.

Insight Acupuncture in Denver, Colorado is committed to
providing the highest quality of health care possible through
acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Treatments take
place in a relaxing, private environment lasting approximately
one hour. First visits are ninety minutes and include medical
history and evaluation prior to treatment. Herbal medicinal
recommendations may be also made.

Insight Acupuncture also offers the Chinese Art of Cupping.
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Many ailments and conditions can be treated
with these modalities:

    Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy
support & IVF/Current Studies
    Acute & chronic pain/injuries
    Sleep disorders
    Sports injuries
    Respiratory problems
    Digestive distress
    Immune system deficiencies

This web site has been designed to provide you with information
and tools to assist you in deciding and defining the many ways
you choose to take care of your health.


Chinese Cupping with Geina Horton featured on Denver's 9news!

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